Q: If I need bifocals, does that mean I can’t wear contact lenses?
A: No. Contact lenses offer many options to solve your visual needs. Both soft and oxygen permeable bifocal contact lenses are available, along with monovision fitting, where one eye has a near vision contact lens correction, while the other eye has the prescription for distance. Dr. Labaza specializes in hard to fit contact lens patients.

Q: How often should I have my eyes examined?
A: Dr. Labaza recommends once per year. A yearly examination is important to maintain both eye health and clear vision.

Q: Do you offer medical eye care?

A: Dr. Labaza evaluates and treats eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, red eyes, dry eyes, macular degeneration, eye infections, eye emergencies, foreign bodies in the eye, allergies and other eye care needs.

Q: My child passed a vision screening at school. Does this mean everything is okay?

A: Not necessarily. Though vision screenings are a way to pick up gross abnormalities in your child’s vision, some problems are missed that could affect your child’s ability to learn. They are not a comprehensive medical evaluation of the eyes and should not be a substitute for a full eye health examination.

Q: How do I know if I can wear contact lenses?
A: Dr. Labaza offers a free contact lens consultation, which takes about 15 minutes of your time. There is no cost or obligation associated with this consultation.

Q: My eyesight seems fine, so why do I need an examination of my eyes?

A: Comprehensive eye health and vision examinations are the only way to detect “silent” diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma and other conditions in their early stages, when it is easier to manage or treat them. From a vision standpoint, you may think you see well, but that may not be the actual case. Clear, crisp vision helps to avoid visual stress, eye fatigue and headaches.

Q: Does your office staff help me choose my new frames?
A: Our highly experienced and fashionable staff help you every step of the way! Not only do they help you choose a new eyewear style that is flattering to your look, but also one that fits properly and works well with your lifestyle. Additionally, they assist you in choosing proper lens treatments for your new frames, based on your prescription and needs.

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